Behringer B1030A Studio Monitors (Pair)

Delayed - due to COVID
RRP: $618.00
Our Price: $579.00
As the name suggests, Behringer's TRUTH B1030A Reference Monitors will appeal to ears that demand the neutral sound of a true reference monitor. They sound great hooked up to a stereo or your video surround system, but they were really built with the studio in mind. The TRUTH B1030A's feature Precision Class A/B amplifiers with active protection circuits: 50 W for LF/25 W for HF, Ultra-high resolution 1" silk dome tweeter for ultimate sound repro and Long-throw 5.25" Kevlar woofer cone for your bass boom
Brand Desc.: Behringer
Prod Desc: Truth B1030A 5.25 Active Studio Monitors (Pair)


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