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ART Xdirect Professional Active DI Box-Direct Box-ART-Engadine Music



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ART Xdirect Active DI Box
A great quality and great value Active DI box. Using low-noise active electronics, this device is used to convert a high impedance signal, such as an acoustic guitar output, into an isolated, balanced low impedance signal, making it suitable to plug into a mic channel on a mixing desk.

The Xdirect has a wide and flat frequency response and is capable of passing high signal levels while maintaining a low impedance balanced output. Featuring all the gadgets and gizmos you would expect from ART all housed in a compact aluminium casing, this is a rugged little unit that will stand the test of time on the road.

Impedance Matching
Impedance matching is a means of maintaining the strongest possible signal during a transfer between two devices. This important because having mismatched impedances between an instrument and mixer will create a signal loss, meaning a drop in the signal-noise ratio, resulting in a more clouded and less true to source signal.

The Cleaner
Unlike traditional direct boxes, the XDirect features a switchable lowpass filter that cuts out all very high-frequency interference. This Bessel filter on the output is placed out of the audio range and reduces radio frequency interference before it gets into the main system. The filter is also very effective in reducing any digital computer noise artifacts when using the XDirect as an interface between a computer DAW and monitors.

Packed Full of Goodies
ART (acronym: Applied Research & Technology) are renowned for producing devices that feature unique gadgets and functions that make you think "Why hasn't anyone thought of that before?".

The XDirect's input attenuator switches allow for a wide range of signal levels and the input link jack lets you tap off of your signal chain. A ground-lift switch lets you totally separate the input and output signal grounds, when appropriate, to isolate two systems - reducing hum and ground-loop noise in the process. Another nontraditional feature is a Phase Inversion switch that allows you to switch signal polarity right at the source.

Built to Last
The compact black anodised all-aluminium case and its flexible power design allow the XDirect to provide years of trouble-free service in live sound, permanent installations, DJ booths, and virtually any PA application. The XDirect can be powered by an internal 9-volt battery or via phantom power at the XLR output. It senses phantom power and will automatically draw from that source. The full feature set, rugged construction, and high-end specifications make the XDirect the obvious choice whenever you have to interface high-impedance sources with a low-noise balanced system.


  • A stylish, durable and very compact stackable aluminium chassis
  • Input attenuator switches for a wide range of signal levels
  • Phase Invert switch on the box for quick phase corrections
  • An "input thru" jack that allows for tapping off of the signal chain
  • A ground-lift switch that lets you totally separate the input and output signal grounds, to reduce hum and ground-loop noise

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