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Engadine Music is Australia's leading music education specialist. With over 40 years of experience in meeting the needs of music educators in primary, secondary and tertiary schools and institutions across the country, we can offer the best advice, range of products and after-sales service your teaching requires.
We pride ourselves on being 'more than just a music store' and as many of our staff have extensive teaching experience and qualifications themselves. We will be able to understand, relate and provide the best solutions for your teaching requirements.

While many essential music education resources can be found here we have many more products available. If you cannot find the item you need, please email any music education inquiries to or call (02) 9520 3044.

Every term we release a new edition of the 'Education Catalogue', packed with essential products for classroom music education as well as information and upcoming events such as our Reading & Resource Day and BandFest.
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SEMESTER 1, 2022
                               TERM 4 2021
                            Term 4, 2021 Education Catalogue
         WENGER                          MANHASSET
              Wenger Catalogue         Manhasset Catalogue


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