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BandFest is an annual event held in the last 2 weeks of term 2 for school ensembles. The festival aims to give students from all over  an opportunity to perform in a public, friendly, non- competitive environment. We have hosted schools not only from Sydney, but also other parts of New South Wales, other states in Australia  and even international schools. Each band is recorded and adjudicated by a professional who provides them with expert advice and encouragement. Each year, our festival welcomes over 4,000 young musicians to perform as members of over 130 bands. 

Where is the event held?

The event is usually held at the St George Bank Auditorium in Kogarah. See below:
On occasion, the event has been held elsewhere at schools, for example: the Mega Band Day was held at Caringbah High School in 2016.

Getting there

We recommend that audience members use public transport to attend the event where possible, as the auditorium is a short distance from the train station. Please note, parking near the venue is limited so please allow extra time if driving.

Extra information

  • Engadine Music has a small shop in the foyer with musical trinkets, souvenirs and a variety of instrumental books available for the budding musician.

  • Entry to the venue for audience members is free.

  • Programs are available when you arrive, these are also free.

  • Entrance for audience members is upstairs on the first floor. Please note there is no elevator, however a staff member can offer access to the auditorium via a side door in-between performances if required.

If you're interested in registering for the upcoming festival, please keep an eye on our website for when the registrations open at the start of March. No places will be held prior to the start of March.


For more information, email or call (02)9520 3044