Pro Tools Ultimate - Educational Single Seat (Perpetual Licence)

Our Price: $2,845.11

Professional audio recording & music creation software.

For Institution Single Seat - School Purchase Order for EDU verification
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Pro-Tools Ultimate
Take on demanding professional music and audio post productions. 

Perpetual License
-Key Benefit: More traditional style “Own It” license for ProTools
-Includes: 1 year of software upgrades and support plan
-Value: Purchase and own the tools you know and trust with the confidence of guaranteed accessibility and security

If purchasing a Perpetual License, please note that 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plans can only be renewed up until 30 days after the expiration date.


  • Up to 384 voices (native) or 256 voices per HDX card
  • Up to 192 I/Os at the same time (max 32 I/O with ASIO/Core Audio)
  • Up to 7.1 Surround Sound including Dolby Atmos Workflows
  • 64-Bit Architecture and all new Audio & Video Engine (supporting 4k), Multiple Video Tracks
  • Dynamic Host Processing and Offline-Bounce for multiple audio paths
  • Enhanced Edit Features and Advanced Automation
  • ClipFX (Object-based EQ, Dyn, Filter)
  • Track Commit and Freeze (enhanced Track-Bounce feature)
  • Track Presets, Enhanced Search functionality, MIDI Edition Enhancements
  • Satellite Link & Video Satellite LE
  • NEW: Track Folders
  • Including over 60 Plug-Ins and Instruments plus Complete Plugins Bundle authorized through the annual Software Updates and Support Plan
  • Avid Control Support (free iOS/Android/Fire app)
  • Works with HDX Hardware, HD Native Hardware (requires DigiLink I/O License) and any ASIO/CoreAudio Hardware
  • Including 1 year Software Updates and Expert Plus Support.

Choose to authorise Pro Tools either via cloud license with iLok Cloud or with a physical iLok key - click here


1. Pro Tools | Ultimate Perpetual License (Education Pricing)
Example - Institution without PT Ultimate & I want to own forever.

2. Pro Tools | Ultimate 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan (Education Pricing)
Example -Institution with previous version of Pro Tools HD 9-2019 (expired update plan)

3. Pro Tools | Ultimate Perpetual License TRADE-UP from Pro Tools
Example - I own Pro Tools 11 or newer and want to trade-up to Pro Tools Ultimate.

4. Pro Tools | Ultimate 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan RENEWAL (Education Pricing)
Example - Institution with Pro Tools Ultimate with an active Update Plan and wants to renew

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